Founded in 1896 on the values of expertise, integrity and respect.

Heinz Law takes great pride in our 125 year commitment to Ballarat, and to regional Victoria. Our parents and grandparents are part of the fabric of Ballarat and the region, as are many of our client’s ancestors – which is why serving this community has always mattered to Heinz Law.

We understand the struggles and dreams of the residents of Ballarat, because we share those struggles and dreams. But Heinz Law has never limited itself to only this region of Victoria. Our clients come from far and wide, and our team have a vast range of experience gained from across Victoria, from metropolitan centres, and from life experiences more broadly.

We have grown. Our team has grown. Our ability to reach new communities has grown and keeps growing. Heinz Law has thrived for 125 years, not only because of the service we provide, but because we have embraced the evolution of our practice, and the evolution of our clients, and the society in which we live.

However, even as we look to those bigger city lights, we will always be part of this community. This is our ground zero. We are as proud and as committed to Regional Victoria, and Ballarat, as each previous generation has been.

No matter how much we stretch our wings, some things will never diminish. Our support of our dedicated team. Our commitment to our community. Our advocacy for our clients. Together, as a team, we are dedicated to the pursuit of our client’s objectives.

This combination of knowledge and heart has ensured a high success rate for our clients and satisfied staff who want to work for Heinz Law. These same qualities will ensure Heinz Law will continue to thrive and serve its community.

Heinz Law acknowledges Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of the land, and pays respect to Elders past and present.

Heinz Law is committed to providing safe and inclusive legal services.