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Heinz & Partners offers a comprehensive range of commercial law services to its clients. The experienced team assist clients across the life cycle of a business: from birth - the formation of the business; through growth - expansion, changes in ownership and trading status; and finally, at the end - dissolution of a business entity.

Heinz & Partners does not view legal issues in isolation from the business operations. Rather, it handles a company's legal concerns in its proper context, by ensuring it understands the business it is dealing with. 

Commercial Law

            • Commercial disputes and litigation
            • Intellectual property
            • Trade Practice
            • Companies
            • Trusts
            • Partnerships
            • Leases
            • Business Sales / Purchases
            • Agreements


        • Commercial 
        • Residential 

Estate Planning

        • Taxation
        • Succession
        • Super Funds
        • Trusts