Being taken to court or taking someone to court can make many of us nervous.

No one likes the thought of being involved in a dispute serious enough to involve lawyers.

At Heinz Law, we take away the nerves, and will replace them with knowledge, confidence, and support. Our highly experienced team of seasoned lawyers, will guide you through the dispute process, helping to achieve the optimal outcome for our client’s our priority. It’s about a sensible approach that doesn’t waste your time and money, or create even more stress.

When you engage Heinz Law, you are appointing a team of professionals who are here to assist.

As a first step, we always look to dispute resolution. Wherever practical, we will facilitate alternative dispute resolution practices, saving our clients the stress and cost of court proceedings. However, if this is not successful, or advisable, you can be assured you have chosen the right Team to represent you, and your interests.

Commercial litigation

Contract & negligence disputes
Building & construction
Debt recovery / Debt collection
Contested estates
Property disputes
Planning &Environmental Law
Shareholder disputes
Partnership disputes
Franchise disputes
ACCC Investigations and Enforcement
Employment Disputes
Civil Disputes

Common law litigation

Personal injury
TAC/Motor vehicle accidents
Public liability
Medical negligence

Workplace / Employment law

Employment law
Occupational health & safety law
Workers' compensation
WorkSafe prosecutions
Unfair or unlawful dismissals
Breach of confidence and restraint of trade disputes
Contract creation / review
Policy creation / review

Criminal prosecutions

Criminal matters
Victims of crime claims
Traffic offences


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