We at Heinz Law understand the sentimental & emotional issues involved in making a Will and administering an estate. And we recognise that each family dynamic is different, and therefore, each requires an individual approach.

While the idea of planning for ‘when we are no longer here’ can seem initially morbid, the truth is, planning a Will is nothing more than an extension of our desire to protect our loved ones – even after we are no longer with them.

At Heinz Law, our dedicated and experienced Team of Lawyers take the time to sit with you, and carefully craft an estate plan tailored to your specific needs, and circumstances. And we will also ensure that plan also caters for the bumps in life’s roads.

We can ensure that, both in life and death, your wishes are clear and will be followed.

We will also carefully manage your estate after your death, helping you navigate the processes of probate and administration. And if a dispute arises, we can help with that too.

Don’t let your last words to your loved ones be lost. Entrust us. We will honour your wishes and ensure they are made real.

Wills & Probate

Testamentary Trust Wills
Enduring Powers of Attorney
Grants of probate
Appointments of Medical Treatment Decision Maker and Advance Care Directives
Letters of Administration (where a person dies without leaving a Will)
Guardianship and Administration Applications
Administration of Deceased Estates
Superannuation Death Benefit Claims
Challenging a Will / Will Disputes / Part IV Applications


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