Peter Heinz


Peter brings 35 years’ of specialist family law knowledge to the Heinz and Partners team, and as a Partner with the firm for this time, has a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering quality service to the community.

Graham Hills


Graham’s 38 years in the Litigation/Dispute Resolution field means he has experience in representing a broad range of businesses and private clients. He has a wealth of experience in supporting clients with their litigious matters and also in the field of Employment Law.

Luke Dunne

Managing Principal

Luke offers 18 years’ specialised Business Law knowledge to Heinz and Partners, with a strong focus on structures, transactions, taxation, business relationships, and inter-generational asset transfers.


Andrew Faull


Andrew is a highly respected and trusted advisor, with over 15 years’ experience representing a range of clients, from large corporations with activities across Australia to small to medium enterprises and private clients.

Pauline Gleeson


Pauline is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law, with qualifications in law and education. Since joining Heinz & Partners in 2005, Pauline has built a strong reputation.