Luke offers 18 years’ specialised business law knowledge to Heinz and Partners, with a strong focus on structures, transactions, taxation, business relationships, and inter-generational asset transfers. 

His knowledge extends from small businesses to national brands, in a range of sectors including agriculture, health, manufacturing and professional services.

Luke is focused on outcomes and creating change for his clients, and his role in helping them achieve a desired outcome as smoothly and painlessly as possible. 

He is a believer in collaboratively devising strategies to navigate the complex legal, taxation and relationship issues that can arise for clients and that being involved at all stages of a business life cycle is both enormously rewarding and challenging.

 When Luke isn’t collaborating to achieve the best results for his clients, he believes in the strength of supporting the local community and has made a dedicated effort every year since being admitted as a lawyer, to being involved with community initiatives in both official and unofficial capacities.